Friday, January 04, 2008

Use Your Allusion: Jezebel

Jezebel was the wife of King Ahab. I Kings 16 says that he married her, and while he was already committing plenty of sins, she turned him to Baal worship also. She was a major villain from I Kings 16 through II Kings 9.

She tried to have the prophet Elijah killed. Even with the showdown on Mt. Carmel where God overwhelmingly demonstrated his own existence and the falsehood of Baal worship, rather than convert, she tried to go after Elijah.

One of her most treacherous acts was in setting up Naboth to be falsely accused and murdered so that King Ahab could take over Naboth's family vineyard which he hadn't wanted to sell.

She died--according to prophecy--by being thrown out of a window, where dogs consumed her body so that she did not receive a proper burial.

If you call someone a "Jezebel", you are calling them a brilliantly wicked, cold, calculating shrew. Even the Bible itself uses Jezebel as an allusion in Revelation 2:20.

We watched the first episode of The Apprentice last night. I was not entirely surprised to see that Omarosa is back. I was thinking about how firmly she has established her reputation as an absolute venomous snake of a person. Last night she was in her usual form, utterly attacking her competition. (In Hebrew, I would be using the Piel form here, an intensification of the verb for "attack")

These days it is uncommon to meet girls named "Jezebel" because of the horrendous Biblical Queen Jezebel who opposed Elijah. I've noticed some people use Omarosa's name in a similar way these days.

In Bible translations, there are certain names that get translated in ways that don't sound like the original that much. "Iacaboy" is translated "James" in English, and as "Santiago" in Spanish. If someone were translating the Bible for the first time into English in the American dialect and there had not been an easy way to transliterate Jezebel's name, I wonder if using "Omarosa" would have been an appropriate substitute.

Does that woman give anyone else chills besides me?

Note: To any of you Omarosa fans, I'm sure that she isn't really pure evil, and I know she is involved in some positive charitable organizations. Even so, she's made quite a name for herself by her actions on the Apprentice. If my connecting her to Jezebel offends you, my apologies.


  1. All that Tiffany had to say was, "Omarosa said this was about selling a product and not using our celebrity." Omarosa was saying she didn't want to use sex sells and then blamed Tiffany for not flaunting herself and her "product" more. That seems real confusing coming from the project leader.

  2. Wasn't that so annoying! It was totally Omarosa's fault! Yeah, that drove me nuts too.