Tuesday, July 31, 2007


When we first moved to Old Hickory, we were sitting outside on like the 2nd day when this large turtle came walking briskly down our sidewalk. I got some good shots of Nacho with the Turtle. When I picked it up, it kept nipping at my hand. Nacho kept sniffing its face, which concerned me, but nothing bad happened. At any rate, I just thought these were good pictures.

Nacho has adjusted really well to the neighborhood. She loves sitting on our porch, or rolling in the dirt in the front yard.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I admit it. I'm giddy.

Carolina and I just got back from watching the new Transformers movie. This is by far the best kids' cartoon-to-adult movie transition I've seen. I love that they didn't try and change it all to fit the director's artistic agenda. So many things were just like the cartoons...or slightly cooler. The voices were great. The animations looked very realistic in my opinion. The sound effects were reminiscent of the old ones. So many of my favorite characters showed up with personalities like I remembered them. If you played with these toys as a kid or watched the cartoon, I would highly recommend the movie. It is almost non-stop action. I really wish I had an awesome car with a custom paint job now.

Anyone else seen it? For me, it totally exceeded my expectations.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Funny Camp Story

We just got back from church camp. There's quite a bit I could say about the experience, and I intend to start blogging some more about it now that my life will be a good deal less stressful. For now, I want to share one story.

I stayed as a counselor with the 9th-10th grade boys. Carolina stayed with another counselor in the oldest girls' cabin. One of the 5th grade girls at camp who is a visitor to our congregation was talking to the other girls in her cabin and said, "I'm mad at Mr. Mark". Portia (one of our own) asked "Why?" The girl replied, "Because I saw him holding hands with Carolina!" Portia said, "Why is that a problem?"

"Because she's a camper!"

So the big joke for most of the week was that I was holding hands with the girl campers.

Friday, July 06, 2007


Ever since March, we've been hoping and praying that our house would sell in Searcy. As of a few minutes ago, I faxed back my signed form to my real estate agent. Yesterday we got an offer, then we made a counter offer, and they accepted it. The couple is really excited about moving in, and I'm really excited about not having to make both a house and a rent payment every month. We'll close near the end of August, and hopefully Carolina and I can find a permanent home here in the next few months. This was a big answer to prayer.