Saturday, January 05, 2008

33 Down

I'm slowly but surely working toward my MDiv at the Harding Grad School of Religion in Memphis. It is an 84-hour masters degree. It appears I may end up doing mine with an emphasis in systematic theology. As of right now, I have completed 33 hours. (I just saw the fall semester's grades posted online) I started off slow, because I was just beginning my first ministry job and Carolina was finishing her MBA. I'm now able to take about 12 hrs per year, doing school part time and work full time. It's going to be a while before I finish, but it always feels good to make progress. I've really enjoyed most of my classes, and I'm definitely growing through the experience.

The only depressing part is that I have friends who will be called "Dr." who will have had to take less hours for their doctorate than I'm taking for this masters. Then again, I'm doing this because I need the education more than because I need a fancy title for my name. I will be so proud when I finally finish this thing.

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