Thursday, January 17, 2008

Change the name on the mailbox already!

This last weekend we were in Arkansas, so we drove by our old house to see how it's doing. We really miss it still...we loved that house. We've been gone since May, but--lo and behold!--the owner still has our name on the mailbox! Also, the really cool numbers on the mailbox we bought on our honeymoon, but we decided to leave them. We were expecting the numbers, but not the name.


  1. Alway sorta strange to pass by old homesteads...

    Better on the blog pic. You look like an FBI investigator or something. I think I could live with it for a while. ;) As long as the silly one makes a come back at some point, or stays in some sort of blog pic rotation.

  2. haha, Mark, we drove by about 2 weeks ago going to some people's house from church who live on Chesapeake, and it STILL said Adams!! It made me laugh!!