Thursday, August 28, 2008

Posts to the future...

This may get a little weird...

I try to make certain posts, such as pictures of my cat and ones about allusions, on certain days of the week. (Wednesday and Friday respectively) I've discovered that I can type a post in advance in blogger, then have it schedule the post. It's handy in that I've got some of the ones I want to post later already typed when I have had the leisure to do it. Then they show up later, when I want them to.

Then I keep wondering, morbid though it might be, "What if I ended up hospitalized--or worse--and the posts kept coming on here anyway?" I just wonder what people would think. I suspect at best, they would be confused. So for the record, sometimes I type posts long before they are scheduled to be posted.

I'm thinking maybe I should make some post about something that will happen in the future, and years later, it will show up with my thoughts from right now. Then again, I'm neither a prophet, nor the son of a prophet...

I just felt the need to warn you in the (hopefully) unlikely event of posthumous blog posts showing up on here.


  1. Great grfx. Did you create that?

    I thought about doing this on my birthday and having it post one year later. Goals and such.

  2. Thanks for the forewarning. You are hilarious.

  3. Thanks!

    Typing of the dead is a for real game you could buy. It was to help you learn how to type. It was actually Mavis Beacon's Typing of the Dead, or whatever that lady's name was. You type, and for every letter you get correct, it's a bullet into a zombie. Each of them has a different word you must type to kill them.

    Pretty cool!

    Glad you enjoyed it, Leslie.