Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lip Syncing and CGI in the Olympics

I found this article pretty shocking. If this stuff has been on the news, I just haven't seen it yet. Apparently, in the opening ceremonies, this little girl's flawless performance that everyone has been raving about was actually sung by a more portly young woman. Some Communist official thought that even though the girl's voice is perfect, nobody wants to have to look at a fat kid in the Olympics opening ceremony. So she was recorded, and the cute girl lip synced it in front of 91,000 people. Reminds me of C&C Music Factory when they had the slim attractive lady in their video singing, "Everybody Dance Now!" which was in fact a much larger black woman's voice whom they didn't want to put in their video.

Also, some of the televised fireworks where they appeared to be making foot-print explosions approaching the arena was previously created using CGI to make sure that everything appeared completely flawless.

The Chinese guys in charge find it puzzling why this bothers anyone, and see no problem with anything they did. I think this highlights some of the intrinsic differing worldviews that the Chinese have compared to the West. We really do not share the same basic moral assumptions about a number of things.

I'm curious what direction this will all go from here.


  1. This morning on the radio, they said they pulled her because she had buck teeth. The whole thing is pretty sad.

  2. Yeah...poor girl. Perfectionism ends up hurting a lot of people because eventually, all of us fail at achieving perfection in some way.