Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Nacho Cat: Ladder

Nacho has always loved things that she can climb on. In our old house, we used to have an awesome huge attic. But every time you pulled the steps down to go up there, she would hear it from wherever she was, then come racing over and straight up to the attic. It was like a big pink insulated playground.

When our next door neighbors were moving, they were showing their house, and a couple of different times when the real estate person was letting the people see our neighbor's attic, Nacho would come running into the garage and up in our neighbor's attic. That has kept me a little nervous when I see people around us moving. She would be easy to miss.

Several weeks ago, I decided to be Mr. Macho Handy Man and change out some of the light fixtures in our house. We didn't like the ones that were here when we moved in, so we got a new chandelier for the dining room and a new ceiling fan for the living room. In order to reach the ceiling--which is rather high--I borrowed a large ladder from church that they use to change the words on the marquee.

Nacho very quickly found her way to the top of the ladder. Coming down was a little less pleasant for her, but she had to kind of hop it a little at a time. I've never seen her loose her balance or fall, though.


  1. No way! My cat, Max, loves to climb our ladder. Just yesterday I was replacing a light when I noticed the wiring was old and the insulation was flaking off. I went into the attic to replace the wire and jokingly told Max not to follow me. Well, he climbed the ladder I set up in the closet and jumped through the small access hole in the ceiling. He sure can get up there easier than I can!

  2. Not surprising! Cats seem to really love dark hiding places. Anything that helps them be sneaky.

    Hope it wasn't too hard getting him back down again...