Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playing for the Day School

This morning, I got to perform for the day school. It's music day, and they had asked me to bring a guitar and to sing some songs with/for them. Of course, I had to go all out and bring along my electric guitar, amp, and effects pedals, too. They were amazed and amused by the "wah wah" pedal, by the word "humbucker", and by the delay (echo) pedal. When I used the chorus pedal, one boy said it sounded like the monsters under his bed. We sang Yellow Submarine, On Top of Spaghetti, the Hokey Pokey, and I Like To Eat Apples and Bananas. I also played a tid bit of Led Zeppelin's Rain Song and Black Sabbath's Planet Caravan to let them hear some of the sounds that guitars can make.

Many of them raised their hands to tell me, "My dad has a guitar" or "My dad doesn't have a guitar." One boy's father works at Gibson, so I knew he would be familiar with guitars. When I got out the electric, his mouth and eyes were wide open. It was comfortable territory for him, I guess.

I hope they'll bring me back next year. These little ones are so much fun.


  1. Well, well...looks like the void is being filled and your skills are being put to good use :) I hope it was fulfilling for you :)

  2. It sure was fun! I think it definitely helped. Though I must say the Hokey Pokey does not quite have the rush of performing Enter Sandman. haha