Monday, March 19, 2007

Have You Tried Tara's Gold?

Let me set a scenario that I bet almost everyone has experienced before:

Your parents went to visit missionaries in Bogota, Columbia. While they were down there, another man from church got a large quantity of emeralds for a good price, and passed on the good savings to your parents. They purchased a moderate quantity of small emeralds and now want to give them to you to make into a piece of jewelry for your wife...

That's what happened to me, anyways. And what did I do? I went to Tara's Gold here in Searcy, Arkansas. I go to church with the owners, Van and Rachel Simpson, and they are fantastic people. They have a full-time jeweler named Enrique "Ricky" Colon who is also a friend of mine. I brought Ricky the emeralds to see if he had any ideas for what we could do with them. He came up with a design, and for a very reasonable price, he took the emeralds and made them into these beautiful earrings for Carolina. The gems are very small, and I was concerned about being able to make something where they are visible. I am extremely pleased with what Ricky did with them. If you live in or near Arkansas, life is too short to go see sissies in log cabins for fine jewelry. Check out Tara's Gold. The people there are every bit as high quality as the products that they sell.

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