Saturday, March 10, 2007

Good Warm Weather Listening Music

When the weather starts getting warm, I have certain music I like to bring out. The first time each spring when it's warm enough for me to drive with my windows down, I bring along The Yes Album by Yes. It is really happy, natural-sounding music. John Anderson has the most peaceful voice, and the music is so well textured. If you have an appreciation for music that is about artistry, not just tapping your foot or shaking your rump, you should consider Yes. Begin with this album, then if you like it, go with Fragile. If you can handle Fragile, and want something even more outlandish, go for Close To The Edge. My favorite Yes song is Close To The Edge. It's astounding, but it's the kind of music you have to sit down and pay attention to. Yes is one of the greatest bands that has ever existed, and it's unfortunate that more people my age don't have an appreciation for music of their calibur.


  1. Unfortunately, I'm just interested in tapping my foot and shaking my rump. But enjoy the drive!

  2. I like Starship Trooper

  3. I especially like the harmonies on ST during the acoustic guitar section of the song. Glad you have an appreciation for good music.

  4. A friend of mine pointed me to this blog late last year, and I'm sorry to say that I have not visited again yet this year.

    There's another blog I like:

    that has rekindled my interest in progressive rock, so I figured I'd pass the link on in case you wanted to check it out and add to Leo's discussion.

    As for Yes, my favorite is Drama, followed by 90125. I know that puts me into a minority of Yes fans.

  5. A favorite Yes Album? All of them? Ok just one, hmmm...The Yes Album. Song off that album - Your is no Disgrace. I do though prefer the live versions on Yes Songs.

    I am also partial to Relayer. The Gates of Deliruim is a real favorite of mine. Too bad Moraz didn't stay on.

    Interestingly I have never heard a song off of Drama. I suppose Video killed the Radio Star killed my interest in a Downs/Horn Yes endeavor but perhaps I'll have to give it a listen.

  6. Downs/Horn also did a song called "I Am A Camera (Into the Lens)" or is it "Into the Lens (I Am a Camera")". To make things confusing, this song appears on "Drama", and it also appears as a "Buggles" song (like "Video Killed the Radio Star" did)

    My favorite Yes song is "Man in a White Car", and it is on Drama.

    I guess "Big Generator" is my third favorite one, especially "I'm Running". There are so many Yes albums I've not heard, including "Tales of Topographic Oceans".

  7. Leo: Your is no disgrace is probably my favorite, too.

    I really have not heard anything off of 90125 or Drama. I understand that Tales from Topographic Oceans is really really far out there, but I haven't heard it either.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hi Mark,

    Your welcome!

    90125 is probably their greatest commercial success. I think Owner of a lonely heart reached #1.

    I agree that TfTO is out there but many love it and it does have its moments but is really eccentric.

    Going for the One has some stuff too.

  9. Mark,
    You might have also heard "Leave It" frmo 90125. It got extensive airplay for years. It was mostly acapella.

    There was an instrumental track right before "Leave It" called "Cinema", and many stations played the two together.