Monday, March 19, 2007

Do you ever start looking too much like your spouse?

Carolina and I keep having this thing happen where we end up dressed alike. This afternoon, we decided to take our dog for a walk, so she went out the front door to wait on us, and I threw on some gym shorts and a jacket to wear outside. I got Dora and brought her around to the front. Sure enough, we each had:
  • Dark grey sweat suit jackets
  • White shirts on underneath
  • Light blue gym shorts
  • Grey tennis shoes
It was kind of embarassing. We couldn't have dressed any more alike even if it was our goal. Not to mention the unlikely combo that I would have shorts on with a jacket.

Is that a sign of old age setting in? Something worse? ...or better? Do any of you ever do that? I'm hoping this just means we have a lot in common and that we're a good match.

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