Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Will you help Spring Meadows Academy?

My friend Dale Jenkins has undertaken some ambitious efforts in helping to plant a congregation in Spring Hill, TN, just south of Nashville in a rapidly growing area. The congregation has been exploding with growth. Part of the original vision for the church was that it would also be connected to a new school that they would also found.

Dale is looking for 2000 people to give $10 so that they can afford playground equipment for the new school, which is scheduled to begin this September.

I am going to help, and I want to encourage you to do the same.

Thanks for your consideration,
Here is his e-mail:

I'll keep this as brief as possible. I have an idea today and want to see if it can "go viral" but I desperately want your help. YOU are the key to this working. We are needing to buy playground equipment for our our day school that will open in September.

I am looking for 2000 people who will each give $10 to this effort. It's just $10, you can do that. And just as important I need you to help me find those 2000 people. So could you/would you do two very quick things:

1. Send me an email letting me know you will send $10. I don't know who you will get this from after I send it out, so send the email to dale(a t) (Note: I edited the e-mail so he won't get spammed...please interpret it) - send the money to:
Spring Meadows Academy
2985 Duplex Road
Spring Hill, TN 37174

2. Whether or not you send the $10....PLEASE, PLEASE, forward this on to 25 other people. You know I don't forward a bunch of stuff, but this project is worth the effort. Regardless of who you got it from if you will do that I think we could find 2000 people who would send $10 in less than 24 hours. Let's see if we can. Let's see how far this will go.

Thank you.

In His Care,
Dale Jenkins

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  1. Thanks Mark. We've got a LONG way to go to 2000. Any help is greatly apprecaited...