Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can I brag about my dad?

My dad is a very humble, selfless guy. I've never met a person who is less materialistic than him, nor have I met someone who is any more genuine than him. He has always put his faith and our family first. My sister and I are much better people for it. I've see him turn down promotions so that he wouldn't have to spend less time with his family. I grew up not missing a single worship service, except for illnesses. I have many memories of walking into my parents' bedroom, finding my dad lying on his bed, reading his Bible. It really does matter what your kids see you do.

He's been working in human resources for about 30 years now, and for the last year, he received the great honor of being elected President of TPMA (Tennessee Personnel Management Association), which is a large group of his peers. And now, they've elected him to be president for a second year (which has never been done is always a new person each year). They recently presented him with a plaque, and gave him a standing ovation for the job he has done over the last year.

I'm sharing two pictures with you. The first is my dad with the mayor of Knoxville, Bill Haslam, whom he had just introduced at a convention there a few weeks ago. The second is my dad receiving his plaque.

Good parents and grandparents are worth more than anything money can buy. I've been richly blessed with family and good role models, who have impacted me profoundly.

I'm very happy for him that his hard work and integrity has been recognized by his peers. He deserves any appreciation that he receives.


  1. Kudos to your dad. I have always liked that your dad and I share a common profession and that he also works in the public service. I can also vouch for many of the things you stated just in the short trips we've made to visit your parents in Nashville or when they have been at HU for visits. I can say the same things about my parents, for which I too am grateful. There is nothing that can take the place of these Christian examples.

  2. I was always impressed at how your dad handled some of his work situations. Especially issues with one of his bosses. I can see where he gets that from your granddad as well. In fact, someone at church mentioned just yesterday the positive mentor John Adams was on him. You're definately lucky to have grown up with these two great role models in your family!

  3. Thanks, everybody!

    I know that both of you have also had some terrific parents who have impacted a lot of people; especially through education.

    It means a lot to have good role models, and that has impacted all three of us a lot in how we've turned out.

    Hope you're both doing well,