Saturday, December 13, 2008

VOTE! Who Is The Best Christmas Tree?

We just had a Christmas party with the young professionals at church, and at the party, there was a competition. Somehow Carolina and I both ended up on different teams, and both of us ended up being "Team Captain". The competition was that each team had 10 minutes to decorate a person as a Christmas Tree. According to the judges, I was the winner.

But Carolina insists that she was robbed. So please take a look at these pictures and vote: Who is the better Christmas Tree? Me or Carolina?

- Carolina has more stuff on her
- She has a halo, and multiple garlands
- Mark has a fancy star on top, and a colorful chain

Please vote on the top right hand side of my blog.


  1. I got your back, buddy.

    BTW, in that middle picture, Carolina looks like she has a menorah on top of her head. If it really had been, I'd have voted for her.

  2. I can't believe people like hers better!! You might need to find new friends to read your blog! Obviously YOURS is the better tree. :) Remind them again of that AMAZING star on your heat, maybe they forgot about it!

  3. Maybe I shouldn't have put the picture that looks like she has the menorah! Somehow she's beating me so far!

    Kimberly: I agree. Between the garland chain and the starry crown, mine is simply a superior costume.

  4. Markito, my vote has to go to you! I almost thought you were a tree for a moment!

    Heather Holland

  5. Mark, you look like the ghost of Jacob Marley who's had too much to drink or something. ;)

  6. Jacob Marley! That's hilarious!

    After all, I am a fiscal conservative (Read: Tight Wad).

    Why thank you Heather! This poll is getting pretty heated!

  7. Thank you, Josh. Glad I can count on my club brothers to support me. haha

  8. Jerry told me to vote Mark. We do like the star.

    The chandolier does give Carolina the look of balancing a menorah on her head.

    You are both too cute for words!!!

  9. Thanks, Nancy! I'm glad to know that you guys stop by the blog now and then.

    Thank you for voting. I'm glad to learn that Jerry made the right choice...I knew he was a smart guy. haha

  10. Mark - Yours is definitely more streamlined. I have to vote for yours. Less is more.

  11. Thanks, Matt! That's what we thought, too. Though I must say that at this point, my wife won't like you very much. hahaha

  12. Sorry Mark, I let Thomas decide and he likes Carolina. You both look good though..

  13. Doh! Oh well. At least he's an honest young man. I'm sure Carolina will treat him extra well at class now. haha