Friday, December 26, 2008

The Best Ending Of Any TV Show Ever

For Christmas, my grandfather got me a Bing Crosby CD, which I'm excited about. Bing Crosby stuff is just so positive. In Rose Bud, I always listened to Bing Crosby or Louis Armstrong while preparing my sermons. I love to try and sing along with it. The CD he got me is one of Crosby's Irish songs. One of which I had heard before, as a different version, not by Bing, at the end of an episode of Space Ghost.

Here is the ending of that episode, which is in my opinion, truly classic. I present to you "Dear Old Donegal". Especially note the credits.


  1. Wow, the memories! I remember when you committed the words of that song to memory.
    Thanks for getting that tune stuck in my head today - I'll enjoy it!

  2. And the great part is, now I have a version of the song with more verses (though the same name-dropping list). It's hard to imagine a more important use of my time than memorizing all of it. haha