Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's NOT Nacho Cat: Meet Munchy

There's a cute cat that's been hanging around church a lot. He shows up especially on Wednesday nights. We aren't sure if he's owned by anyone or not. He resembles Nacho, and happens to be really friendly like Nacho.

Just as I gave Nacho her legendary name by naming her after the chips I fed her, Carolina fed this cat some Munchies the other day, and has henceforth started referring to this cat as "Munchy".

The other night, Munchy hopped up underneath Jon Austin's truck bed, and didn't want to get out. I managed to snap Munchy's picture. After he started the truck, the vibrations irritated him and he got out. It was funny while it lasted, though.


  1. I look forward to more "It's Munchy Cat!" blog entries ;)

  2. I love the nacho cat entries. They always make us laugh. Hope you guys are doing well!