Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Nacho Cat: Lizard

So I'm upstairs typing up some translation cheat sheets for our Mexico Mission group, when I hear a ruckus down stairs. At first I assume Nacho is just playing with a toy, but it sounds a bit different. I decided to go and have a look. She had that same crazy look on her face like when I get out the laser pointer, so I knew something was up. Then I saw what she was playing with...a lizard that had snuck in to our house. This is one of the many good reasons to own a cat. They are always on the prowl.

For the record, though she did injure the lizard, I caught it and put it outside so that it could have a chance to heal. It had a pretty bad gash on its tail, but those are supposed to regenerate anyway. I'm really glad this happened now and not last week when Carolina was home without me.

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