Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Engrish in Mexico

I have always gotten tickled at spelling errors in other countries where people try to put things in English. There are entire websites dedicated to people sharing pictures of such things, and I had a couple of my own I wanted to put here. This should also be a good caveat to anyone who thinks using a computer translator to take English and translate it into anything else is always safe and accurate.

My first example is from a bag of chips. They wanted to specify that this was a family size bag with enough for everyone, but as you can see, they missed it. "Size Big Which Everyone Enough"

My second example comes from the Monterrey airport where Alamo rent-a-car has a sign which states, "To Rent A Car In Alamo Is As Easy As Pick Up This Phone."

My friend Leslie and her husband Michael are now living in South Korea. They frequently share interesting adventures they are having, and similar findings.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Mark! Looks like you had quite an eventful trip to Mexico! I took a picture today just for you, I will post it on the blog soon. I keep seeing funny engrish things and not having my camera for them. I'll do better in the future. :) Tell Caro hi for me!