Friday, February 22, 2008

Does anybody IM any more?

When I was in high school, and my first year or two of college, instant messaging was a central part of my life. I would chat with friends for 4 to 5 hours sometimes in the evenings. Once I started dating Carolina, I did less of this, except for when she and I were apart in the summers. I'm noticed that I hadn't even thought of turning AIM on in a couple of years. Now I apparently prefer facebooking and blogging. I started turning back on my AIM name using Apple iChat when I'm at work. We have a family with a daughter who is in another state getting health care, and I've started using it to keep up with them some.

All of the old names of people I used to talk to are on here. It appears that a few of us still have the same user name. Do any of you still use instant messenger? I see that a lot of people use it on their mobile phones. Is this a purely high school-ish phenomenon, or is is something still used a lot by adults? What do you think?


  1. I IM with an old Harding room-mate. But, at this office, AIM is banned. And they use Windows Live Messenger for inter-office communication, so he's allowed to IM on that. So I get on Windows Live Messenger.

    I also used to be addicted to AIM. I also no longer or rarely use it.

  2. We use IM at work to communicate - it is faster than email.