Monday, February 25, 2008

About my blog

It's been interesting for me to see the directions my blog has gone. I got started in October of 2005 with a post that I think was fairly astute about some measures of what a wise person is like.

I have since blogged on a variety of topics, usually based on my present experiences in life. I have some friends who have tried to use their blogs as key parts of their ministry. I have written quite a few posts on religious topics, though I view my blog more for the purpose of a diary (especially in posts such as this one) and like a messy file box where I throw everything I don't want to forget (like Youtube videos and technology stuff that I like). As of right now, I have 487 posts. (Less than 487 are visible to you, O Reader, because some of them I simply wrote to save as drafts for me to remember, not for anyone else to see. These are usually rants about either religion or politics that I decided wouldn't be productive to post publicly.)

I've noticed in the last few months that I have made many fewer posts about spiritual observations. I think this is largely because since I've been at Old Hickory, I offer the invitation devotional every Wednesday night. I've thought that I might start typing them out and placing them on here, because I generally discard them after I've delivered them. If I feel like they are of sufficient quality, I may post some of them.

Then again, I think since I have so many friends who do large amounts of blogging about spiritual matters, I don't want to do it just for the sake of doing it. It's also been hard on me since I have to make so many posts online each week for the two online classes I'm in right now.

As a way of giving me an increased sense of routine, I started my "Nacho Cat" posts, which I try to put up every Wednesday, and most Fridays I try to put a "Use Your Allusion" post up. Whether I do either of these often depends on how well caught up I am at work. I really enjoy blogging, but priorities have to be priorities.

My blog certainly doesn't have as much traffic as many who view blogging as a ministry, or as people who are in more of the public spotlight. That having said, my blog is currently averaging a little over 50 hits per day, and I've now had over 16,000 hits total. I find that really mind boggling.

To whoever has continued to read my blog: First of all, I am flattered that anyone cares what I have to say about anything. Thanks for reading this stuff. I primarily blog for myself, but I'm sure that if no one ever stopped by, I would have already given up on it by now. Secondly, is there anything you would like to see more of on here? I've had a couple of buddies joke with me that I take entirely too many pictures of my cat. This is probably true, but again, this blog is primarily a place for me to remember what I want to remember. Beyond that, though, I'm happy to oblige people if I'm able. Anything you want more of?

For as long as I feel this is a helpful thing for me--I do find it very therapeutic--I will continue to post. I'm sure that within 10 years, some new thing may have replaced blogs, but I have this nice happy place in my head where I picture some of my descendants reading over some of this stuff long after I'm dead. I really wish my great-great-great-parents could have blogged during the 1800's. It would have been interesting to read now. Perhaps arrogantly, though hopefully not, I like to think that this might be interesting to someone who wonders what it was like to be me, living in this time.


  1. Don't feel bad about getting 50 hits a day when Matt gets so many. Hey, I only get 15. Just tell yourself, "Hey, at least I'm better than Philip!"

    Amen on almost everything you said, from priorities to how you view your blog and everything else. It's a pretty cool avenue.

    As far as suggestions, "F-R-E-E, that spells FREE, Credit-Report-dot-com baby..." ;)

  2. thanks! haha...I don't view it as a competition.

    Um...forgive me, but I'm totally not getting the thing about the credit report. Are you making a pop culture reference?


  3. No, I was referring to the message I sent you on Facebook

  4. I think you need to post more photos of you and your beautiful wife. That's why I like blogs--for the pictures!!! :) (this coming from someone who has only posted on her own blog like twice). I will have lots more to post soon, I promise!

  5. haha...thanks Leslie! I have wanted to put more pictures of Caro on here, but every time I do, she seems to get mad at me. I have to get her permission every time=I don't do it much. She'll be flattered that she has fans, though. :-)

    We'll see what we can do!


    Sorry, it just didn't click at first, and now it totally does. Sorry I'm a bit of a dunce. :-)