Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Warning

I still have another thing or two from old Gospel Advocates that I want to retype and put on here. This is one from a section of poetry that they shared. This one is from 1890.
[Sister Holland, of Petersburg, Tenn., has kept the lines below for over thirty years. She thinks the warning given may profit others, so gave it us for republication.]

Young ladies all attention give,
You that in wicked pleasures live,
One of your sex the other day
Was called by death's cold hand away.

A while before this damsel died
She found her tongue was speechless tied,
At length she opened wide her eyes
And found her tongue was libertized.

She called her father to her bed,
And thus in dying anguish said:
"My days on earth are at an end,
My soul is summoned to attend.

Before Jehovah's burning bar
To hear the awful sentence there.
From preaching you would keep your child,
Pleasures wanting vain and wild.

To frolics you would let me go,
And dance my soul to pain and woe.
Now, dear father, do repent,
And pray, and read your Testament.

Your soul is blooming for the grave;
You have a precious soul to save;
Your children teach to serve the Lord,
And worship him with one accord."

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