Monday, December 31, 2007

Help to read the Bible more in 2008

I've posted some thoughts before on trying to be a better Bible reader. Even if I were able to read the Bible 12 hours a day every day, I'm sure I would continue to find new ways of understanding passages than I ever had before, and would probably feel the need for more Bible study.

My friend Daniel suggested reading the Bible online. As a way of getting yourself to read more regularly, rather than just trying to fit it in in the mornings or evenings, why not read the Bible the same way you read most other important things in your life? I seldom have time for books that I like, but I always manage to check my e-mail.

I found something on the ESV's website where they have a variety of Bible reading plans where you can read the text online every day with a pre-prepared website, or if you're an avid blog-reader like me, you can get an RSS feed of the text sent to your blog reader daily.

Why not decide that every day before you check your e-mail, you will first read the passages for the day? Even if you don't get it every day, wouldn't you be a better person for trying it?

Here is the link to the ESV's page of Bible reading plans.

May God bless you in 2008!


  1. I just recently discovered Its so wonderful to go to ONE place for all my news & blogs. And I also added the Bible to feeds from

    Its really easy, folks! There's no harm in trying

  2. ahh yes...I used to use bloglines. I've swapped over to Google Reader, but I like them about the same.

    It is an enormous time saver, isn't it? When I first started blogging, I would go by like 12 or 13 blogs every couple of days, hoping a friend would leave a new post. Blog readers are the way to go.

    Today I read my first section of Bible reading. I'm going with the first link. Some OT, some NT, and some Psalms. Next year, I think I'll do the Chronological one.

    Hope it goes well for you!