Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall Fest

We had our annual Fall Festival at Old Hickory last night. It was lots of fun. I'll post a little more about it on my other blog, but I was proud of my outfit.

It is funny when you know people are staring at you, but are trying not to appear like they're staring at you. Many of the people at church genuinely could not figure out who I was (as in "Who is in that costume?"). Harriet, who was working at the main desk, glared at me from the moment I got out of my car. It wasn't until Carolina spoke that she figured out who we were. I had a good time!


  1. Napoleon Dynamite? I'm out of guesses if that's not right. What did Carolina say that gave it away? And what did she look like?

  2. Haha...I was going for Napoleon, but I'm a bit plump of late.

    A lot of people who hadn't seen the movie just thought I was supposed to be from the '70's.

    The people were mostly wondering "Who is that guy in the suit?" more than "Which character is he supposed to be?"

    One of the kids in my youth group didn't say "hi" to me the whole evening until later when I took off the glasses and asked him to help me carry some stuff. He said, "NO WAY!! You're THAT guy?! I saw that guy walking around all night,and I didn't know it was you!"

    The way Carolina revealed us by speaking is that she is from Mexico and has an extremely unique voice, and a bit of an accent. She is--to my knowledge--the only Mexican at Old Hickory.

    If you click over to my other blog , I have a picture of Carolina with her black outfit and red and black feathered mask. She wasn't anything in particular...she just used several items that went together. People thought she was either a witch ('cause of the black) or a wise old owl (because of the feathers and her use of her graduation gown).

  3. I just hope no one at your church looked even a little bit like that...but that would be hilarious if they thought you were trying to impersonate someone at church.

    I knew right away; great costume!

  4. Funny you should mention that, Heath, because with brown hair instead of what I had, everyone agreed I would look a great deal like one man at church who shall here remain unnamed. :-)

    I also got a lot of people saying I looked like a televangelist from the '70s.

  5. Funny picture Mark! I think you pulled off Napolean well. I just found your blog, so I'll be reading your stuff now. Hope all is going well for you man!

  6. Looks like a combination of Noah Jacobs and Justin McCreary