Friday, June 08, 2007

Planning for the summer...

Well, so far I have been playing catch up here at OH. I've got VBS in a couple of weeks, and church camp in about 4. It's pretty crazy.

I had been a little concerned about getting stuff together, but all at once today, several things seem to be falling into place. Keaton and Lisa Bell took us out to lunch yesterday, then to Gospel Advocate where Keaton works. (He's an accountant, but his kids enjoy telling people that their father is a "book salesman".) I found some books with some great games and helps for what I'm planning, and it makes me feel like I'm much farther ahead than I was yesterday.

I discovered a website that has lots of items with great potential!

I feel like buying at least one of everything they've got. It looks like there's lots of fun potential. At OH's church camp, they have "messy day" on Tuesday, where they spread out a giant plastic cover, and do all sorts of disgusting relays and games on it, using ketchup, crisco, syrup, eggs, and whatever else they feel like.

I ordered a book today with 50 recipes for making slime. I also may end up buying some "Yuck" from the above website.

I've had a hard time staying on top of everything, but the people here at church have been great to work with. I think this will be an all around good summer for everyone. I'm sorry that I haven't had an extra month to work on planning. Then again, I hate I didn't have another several months to spend at Rose Bud.

Oh well. Such is life.

If any of you have any good suggestions for messy games, I'm all ears!

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  1. Just play baseball in a cow field like I had to do at camp!