Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Personal Milestone Accomplished

I've had an insanely busy year in 2007, but it's been a good one. The biggest thing that's happened for me was getting to teach my OT Survey class at Harding. Teaching Bible at the University level was a lifelong goal of mine that I expected it would take me a couple more decades to achieve. I was very flattered at the opportunity to do this at the age of 26. It kept me totally stressed out, but it was worth it. Several of my students said some really nice things to me (yes, I'm aware they could have been kissing up for a better grade), that made me feel good. I know that I genuinely helped some of them through some struggles and taught them a lot. Eventually, I may be back in the classroom, but I'm not as driven in that direction as I used to be, since I've already done it.

Yesterday, I finished and submitted a lesson for some adult curriculum from 21st Century Christian which represents another personal goal I've been working towards. If you've never used the Power Points For New Life series, it's a good one. There are lesson books that the teachers and students utilize, then there are free Power Point presentations available for download on the website that you can use while teaching the class. My lesson should be in the Spring 2008 quarter on Romans 8. I don't know how good it is, but I'm proud that I got to do it. This is the first actual lesson I've got published that wasn't just a newspaper article or something.

Frankly, I am even more glad to not have that hanging over me right now. I've got VBS coming up in a couple of weeks, and camp in about four weeks. It's all stressful, but it will also be rewarding, I'm sure.

At any rate, I just wanted to make a post to recognize this point in my life. I've been blessed.


  1. Looking forward to it. We began using the series in the young adult class at 4 mile after visiting at rosebud...

  2. Great! It's such a help in preparing for class. I really like this series.

  3. Hey Mark,

    Here is something I thought you might enjoy