Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm officially replaced.

Well, I just found out that Rose Bud has hired a new minister: Phil Thompson. Dr. Thompson is a professor at Harding, and will be preaching at Rose Bud on a mostly part time basis, though I think he'll work with them a lot in the summer. I hope that everything goes wonderfully for everyone involved. He's a top notch preacher, and they're a congregation with a lot of potential. It makes me sad to be missing out on a lot of the good that will continue to happen at Rose Bud. At the same time, they need some stability, and I think Dr. Thompson will be around for a long time. I'm glad their search is over. I wish them all the best. Now if I could just get my house to sell...


  1. You will always be a part of every success they have. And now you will bless other lives.

    By the way...I kicked Ma Bell in the head and did away with my land line! I bloged about it too!


  2. I tagged you. Read my blog. :-)