Friday, May 11, 2007

The Mini Mighty Hunter

I have always loved my cat's ability to catch small pesky things. Nacho always kills any bugs that get in to our house. On a couple of occassions, I've seen a brown recluse, and before I could get something to kill it, she's already finished it off.

Just in 2007, I know she has killed 3 birds, 1 squirrel, 1 mole (she killed 2 last year), and now 2 mice. Two days ago she showed up at the door with a mouse hanging from her mouth. Carolina ran screaming. It was pretty funny.

Yesterday, we were loading up the POD, and out of nowhere, she came jumping onto our driveway with a little squeeking friend in her mouth. She would let it get about 3 feet away from her, then she would pounce on it again. Then she'd carry it over to the yard and do the same routine. Finally, I found the mouse dead in the driveway.

Fortunately, the mice she's killed were not in my house. She's finding them outside somewhere.

I don't care what anyone else thinks. I really like cats; especially mine.


  1. I used to love to watch my cat play with a mouse or a mole before she finally killed it. Totally morbid but super amusing. :-)

  2. I've told you some of my mom Mark, works goes home and sleeps and starts over the next day. She works as a Warranty Admn. for Chrysler at an OKC dealership. Her office is located in the Service area. Right before Christmas last year a tiny little black and white kitten showed was totally wild. Well within a few months, the techs in the garage, the parts guys, and my mother (who has NEVER been an animal person) had fattened her up, named her Tipper, and gotten attatched to her in a non touching way. Then, one day the kitten brushed moms leg and then hauled butt when mom tried to touch her. Mom felt that it was only fair that if the kitten could touch her that she should be able to touch back. Within a week, Tipper was tamed to mom. Well of course then, the boss says we cant have a shop cat, call the pound.
    Long story short, mom went out, bought a animal carrier, found a vet, loaded up the kitten, had her declawed and spade, and now has a room mate....errrr and I have a sister. Mom has gone a little crazy over this cat....which THRILLS me....shes lived alone for 25+ years and now has great company. I went to see her on Mothers Day, and "Maizy"(derived from Amazing) is thriving!!!! She's spoiled rotten, will actually bring my mom the toy at the end of the stick that she wants to play with, sleeps with, plays with and shadows every step mom makes. It's absoultely beautiful.
    So, I concur.....Cats are awesome;
    espically my moms.