Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some Great News

Even though this has been a dreadful week for those at Virginia Tech, it has not been a week without blessing. At Rose Bud, we began our hispanic outreach in January. Getting started has been a little slow, and we have still not had large numbers of turnouts, but this last Sunday, we had our first baptism.

Fermin Chevez has been coming every week since week one. One time, when he didn't have a ride, he even walked to church. Fermin is a great guy, and we're really proud of him. We're also proud of Carlos Hernandez, our Spanish minister. He has been working really hard to help save the souls of the lost, and he's making a difference.

On a sad note, the financial situation has not been good for Fermin in Rose Bud, and he will soon be moving to Utah. Please keep this young brother in your prayers as he's going to be starting life over in so many different ways. Even if the rest of our efforts flop, if Fermin really stays strong in his faith, then every hour of time and every cent of money we spent on this outreach will have been completely worth it. It's great to get to see the fruit of your efforts in your own lifetime.

On a side note, Carlos and Vanessa had their second child this week also--a healthy baby boy. They need prayers, too.

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  1. Thanks for your comments over at my place. Indeed it is a wonderful thing when a lost soul finds his Savior, even in the midst of tragedy.