Monday, April 30, 2007

Carolina with President Fox

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that Carolina got to spend all of last Friday with former Mexican President Vicente Fox and his wife Marta.

It was a great experience for her. I think she came away really happy, but a little disappointed in a couple of ways. He's definitely a politician. He's getting ready to build his own presidential library in Mexico, so when they toured the Clinton library, he was much more interested in getting ideas for how to build his own instead of in learning anything from the tour.

She got to see more of what a day in the life of a president is like, and some of the things governments do behind the scenes to publicize some things and keep other things more quiet. He told her about what was going through his head while he spoke at Harding, and some of the things he tried to emphasize based on what he had been told about the university. He was apparently surprised that we didn't give him a standing ovation when he said we should be out of Iraq by now, which he usually gets in other places. Overall, she was able to tell him how much she has appreciated what he has done for Mexico.

I think the part she was most fascinated by was the VIP tour of the Clinton Library. The picture above is them standing on the roof of the library. They got to go to some places that absolutely no one is allowed. Down in the basement level, they actually do have tons and tons of archives. The librarians down there were thrilled to death to see human beings. They are also continually unboxing gifts that had been given to Clinton. They open new boxes every day to categorize and display the contents. They told them that it will likely take 50 years to finish getting all of these items out, categorized, and displayed.

Also, they got to go to Clinton's personal apartment. It's where he stays whenever he is in Little Rock for a few days.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting experience.