Monday, September 21, 2009

A Sermon You Should Go Hear

I'm very excited about October 8th. At the Hermitage, historic home of President Andrew Jackson, they have been having a series of local ministers come to their chapel and present classic sermons by important figures during the Jacksonian era. They're calling it Faiths of the Frontier. On October 8th, from 6:30-8:00pm, David Fleer will be presenting one of Alexander Campbell's sermons titled "The Fearful Curse".

If you've never heard Dr. Fleer, he's an incredible speaker with a lively personality and an endearing, gravely voice. I took him for a preaching course at Lipscomb last semester that might well be the single best class I've ever had.

I plan to be there, and I want to encourage you to mark you calendar if you're in the Nashville area to come and hear Dr. Fleer; especially if you have an interest in the American Restoration Movement.


  1. This sounds really cool (and it's REALLY close to my house).

    What's the cost?

  2. I checked, and there is no cost.

    Want me to save you a seat? ;-)