Saturday, November 15, 2008

When The Master Comes Home...

The last time we went to Searcy was mostly a wonderful visit for us. But we also had some sadness.

It was about a year ago that we bought our current house. It took us several months to sell our house in Searcy. We absolutely loved that house. It was incredibly nice for a very low cost. We had to spend 50% more in Nashville for a comparable house, which in some ways is arguably inferior. Don't get me wrong. We're very blessed to be where we are, and I don't want to sound shallow or unappreciative. We like where we are, but our first home will always have a special place in our hearts.

Carolina had always said that maybe one day we could move back to Searcy, to our first house. Yes, it's romanticized, but we really have some good memories there. I have never really thought it would happen, but who am I to stomp on someone else's dreams? It was a beautiful place to live with wonderful neighbors.

We sold our house to a really nice couple working for the natural gas company. We were excited to learn that they were even making some enhancements, with new sinks and a new shower in the master bedroom. But work caused them to have to move very quickly.

They sold our house to the guy whose parents own the liquor store in Augusta. Though he went to a prominent private school in Searcy, he doesn't have a favorable reputation. People who've known him for a long time only use derogatory words to describe him; most of which I'd prefer not to share. They say you're lucky if you can ever find him completely sober.

So we drove past to see our beautiful find it looking like this. No telling how long it's been since the bushes were trimmed. Weeds have taken over the yard. The tree in our yard is falling apart. And it STILL HAS OUR NAME ON THE MAILBOX!

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  1. aww sad. Does his name rhyme with "flick", by any chance? That's really too bad, Mark. It was a lovely home when you guys lived there.