Friday, March 21, 2008

I've Got Rhythm #3

Here is my third video installment of my attempts at learning Pete Huttlinger's "I've Got Rhythm" arrangement. It's the most difficult piece I've ever learned. The chords are complex and they change at a ruthless pace. At the same time, it's really rewarding to set goals and to see yourself make progress towards them. My ultimate goal is to be able to perform this somewhere. Again, I'm not trying to show it perfected yet, because there is still one last section of the song I haven't learned, but I think you can see a large difference between this post and my previous posts. I have 3 papers due during April, so it may be the Summer before I can dedicate much more time to learning the next section and smoothing it all out, but I've gotten enough of it down now where I'm confident I can complete it.


  1. This is in no way a derision of your guitar skill, but I like the shirt the best of all. Where did you find such a fine piece of clothing?

    I'm really impressed by your sweet guitar skills because I have taken lessons and failed miserably (I seem to lack the ability to have my hands do different things in different rhythms - when I get to that part of the lessons it's all over).

  2. haha...I was wondering if anyone would catch the shirt.

    You can get it from Random Shirts.
    Thanks for the compliment on the "skillz".

    When graduating from high school, I was either going to choose ministry or rock music. I like to think that I chose the one without entirely neglecting the other. :-)

  3. Very nice! You make it look easy. Makes me want to sit down and try it, but looking at your fingers, it makes me want to just pretend I can play it.

    You should definitely record another album. Heck, if your working on broadway songs, maybe you can rope a choir together. :)

  4. If I can ever make it through grad school, I'll definitely start writing and recording again. I really miss it. A choir would be fun. ;-)

  5. I've always enjoyed listening to you play! Glad to see you and Carolina are doing well! Many blessings bro!

    Yeah, love the shirt! I'm totally getting one!

  6. Thanks Russ! It's good to hear from you. Do you blog? I couldn't get your profile to load.

    The shirt will make you a hit with theology students everywhere. :-)