Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Beautiful Hometown

There's a gentleman here at Old Hickory that I go to church with who is an excellent photographer. Actually, there are a couple of them! But this man, named Richard, is retired and manages to take quite a few photographs. He often has his camera with him, and is always looking for new shots to snap. He's been a good friend to me since I got to Old Hickory. He always volunteers when we need help around the office. He's always piddling with something interesting, and always has something to talk about. He's a very gentle soul.

He sent me several pictures of downtown Nashville that he took last week. This one is my favorite. It was such a nice day outside that he made zero adjustments to the really was this nice. He makes a few bookmarks using his pictures that he sells on the side. He really has a gift for taking pictures. I may well end up framing this one. I remember how good it felt as we were making the drive over to Nashville from Arkansas with all our remaining stuff in our cars. Seeing this beautiful skyline gave me a warm feeling. It's good to be home.


  1. There's just nothing quite like home, is there?

    Your friend is a wonderful photographer! I have a friend who also is rarely without his camera. I have a beautiful photo blown up on my wall that he took of the waves crashing against the rocks at the Portland Headlight (Maine). It's breathtaking. Thank God for artists... and for His own creative expression in coming up with the subject matter to begin with!

  2. It's amazing how the same camera in the right person's hands can do such wonderful things, isn't it?