Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dr. Burks and ATE

For any of you Hardingites--especially those of you who were in Alpha Tau Epsilon like me--this is solid gold. I hate that I wasn't there in person for this. I've been actually shocked by how much I've been missing my social club. I have been around those guys for 8 years now. Friends came and graduated. I graduated and then became a club sponsor. My orange and black roots run pretty deep at this point. From a distance, I send my best regards to ATE...keep it going fellas!

That is Keith Hruska's (sp?) night stick that Dr. Burks is holding. Most of the guys in the club at this point have never even heard of Keith. I wonder whatever happened to that guy. He was a police officer. I don't know where he is now. I have so many good memories with these guys.

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  1. Oh, it was glorious indeed! You are right, no one knows who Kieth is. When they brought the stick, I asked 4 or 5 of them if they could pronounce his name...none of them could. The guys are really trying to improve our image... and doing a pretty good job of it. I am really thankful for the club and how it has brought so many of us together. You will me/are sorely missed. The guys contacted Emory (I guess you know that) but he said that he would be glad to let the guys use his property again this year...I, for one, think that says a lot about their character.