Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tarter Sauce To The Ear

One of my youth group kids, Cody, sent me a picture from camp. On Thursday of camp, we have "Messy Day" where I organize a few activities involving really disgusting stuff. Probably the grossest thing this year was "Condiment Twister". I got 4 Twister games, taped them together, then on the 4 colors I put Ketchup (red), Mustard (yellow), Green Beans (green), and Grape Jelly (blue/purple). It was pretty nasty.

The kids had complained to me about previous years involving peanut butter and Crisco in their hair. I found a cool website called RecFX that sells all kinds of stuff to use for group activities. (The finger rocket things are a blast). I bought all 4 kinds of Yuck, and it turned out wonderfully. Some of it looked like sludge that I dyed black so it looked like caviar. Some of it was more like applesauce, some like jello, and some like snot (which we dyed the appropriate neon-green color).

The good thing about this yucky stuff is that it is neither petroleum-based nor sugar-based. That means it washes off really easily...and it did. I was very pleased with it. We started off with more organized activities which progressed to pure chaos, involving shaving cream-filled tube socks for smacking each other.

Unknown to me, one of the staff people brought along a Sam's-sized container of old tartar sauce which he left sitting in the sun in the back of his truck all week. At the right moment during the festivities, I was pushed out to the middle of the tarp and they tartar-sauced my head. It smelled disgusting, though a lot of people told me they were starting to get a craving for fish.

Since I got this new, upgraded picture of myself with the tartar sauce on my head, I thought I would put it on here. Enjoy.

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