Friday, August 31, 2007

A New Routine at Perpetual Timothy

I've become a big fan of some blogs that have regular routine kinds of posts. My personal favorite is Mark Elrod's blog posts entitled "Caption This Friday".

Up to this point, I kind of blog about whatever strikes me as interesting, funny, or important at the moment. But because I know Perpetual Timothy readers are an extremely intelligent crowd, I'm going to provide a weekly service to help us all keep sharp on our wits. I'm going to start a new weekly post entitled "Use Your Allusion" (tipping my hat to the classic Guns 'n Roses albums with similar names).

Each week, I will explain the meaning and proper usage of a literary and/or Biblical allusion. You can throw these babies out in regular conversation and make sure everyone around you knows that you are smart and well-cultured.

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