Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sound Leads To Light?

According to this guy's blog, a college student in Kentucky named Samuel J. Hunt is proposing a new theory, trying to prove the Biblical account of creation; that light was spoken into existence.

His theory is based on a fact known for about 100 years now, that sound produces light. I personally think the goal of Genesis is to teach us about God, and not so much to serve as a science textbook. At any rate, this is producing quite a stir, and is interesting to think about.

As usual, when someone suggests that the Bible might be remotely historically or scientifically accurate, there's always some pompous scientist to come along and say, "This guy needs to let a REAL scientist do the thinking...someone who really understands logic and reasoning." Because everyone knows that scientists are morally perfect people, incapable of bias or adjusting parameters on their data to favor what they want that data to show.

At least one scientist has come along already and said the whole idea is beyond ridiculous. This new theory might even be as ridiculous as the idea that two monkeys can give birth to a human, or two pieces of algae to a fish. Not to mention that there is no ultimate cause for these things; they just happen. You'd have to be an illogical idiot to believe all that (Psalm 14:1).


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  2. Not so fast now...

    Well, the monkeys took a long track from the jungle and finally reached the desert. This is where evolution decided they didn't need the hair all over there body (or not as much as usual, since it was too hot) except for on the head to block the sun a little more. They got to the mountains and couldn't climb so a few thousand years later they grew a little taller. This growth stretched their skin so it wasn't so wrinkly and hard anymore. Also, since it had been so long since they used their feet to help climb trees, their feet also grew more human-like.

    See, it's not so ridiculous after all...right? Proving the algae to fish might be a little harder, but the monkey explanation is in it to win it.

    I should write a book now...