Monday, February 26, 2007

James Cameron Thinks He Knows Where Jesus Is Buried

There is a new documentary coming out that seeks to be "true" where the Da Vinci Code sought to be fiction that seemed true. James Cameron, who directed Titanic, has got a new movie that he thinks will prove that Jesus didn't rise from the dead. There's a tomb that was found several years ago, and they found names on it like Jesus, Joseph, and James. They are insisting this is Jesus' family. There are numerous reasons why this is all garbage. First, Jesus' family lived in Nazareth, and it's extremely unlikely that they would have been buried in Jerusalem, much less in a tomb of rich people.

They're saying they have "DNA evidence" that it's Jesus and his family. First, you need some of Jesus' actual DNA to prove it. Second, having 5 people with similar DNA buried to each other means absolutely nothing. It's just a family burial spot. Big whoop.

Ben Witherington made an excellent post on his blog about this, and if you want some more intelligent, eloquent rebuttals of the whole premise of this thing, I recommend reading it. You can see it here. One extremely interesting thing that he points out is how common names like Jesus, Joseph, and Mary were. Having a tomb with the name Jesus on it is equivalent to finding one today with the name "Jones".

It makes me sad that this is being released, as it is a very direct attack on Christianity, and I think many people with itching ears may be led further astray. Unfortunately, people who control most of the media and entertainment in our country are hostile to Christ and to Christian purposes. This film has no real credibility, but I'm sure it won't be the last of its type to show up.


  1. I spend some time on everyday and this popped up over there and several of the people were saying that this same spot was where the John brother of Jesus tomb thingy a couple of years ago came from. Also, that this same stuff had been on BBC about 11 years ago. I can't find it now, but I will look later and see if I can find it for you.

  2. I read the story that msn did on this the other day and I thought they were just saying this was Jesus' family. I didn't know they were trying to say that Jesus' body was actually there in the tomb; I'll have to read it again now.

  3. Does anyone even remember the Da Vinci Code anymore? I think people around my area talked about it for maybe a month, and then forgot about it.

  4. There is a bone box with "Jesus son of Joseph" on it in the tomb. As Mark said, read Ben W. on it. What gets me is that this was discovered over 20 years ago and no one made a big deal about it because they knew exactly what Ben W. is saying - that it is highly unlikely. But when you can get on TV and get book deals to make millions - why not right? It is really all pretty silly.

  5. I don't think it's sad this is being released. It will all turn out to be nonsense. It gives people something to talk about for a while. People are saying the name Jesus without swearing. Bring it.

    There was a fictional book a while back, and I can't remember the name of it or who wrote it. But it was about finding the tomb of Jesus and there was a body in it and everyone was talking and it was very exciting. And then there was a bit about the person who bought the tomb. Some guy had heard that Jesus rose from the tomb, and just in case there was something magical about the tomb itself, he bought it, buried his own son in it without changing the inscription or anything else, and crossed his fingers. His son did not rise from the dead, but it's only money, and it was worth a shot.

  6. I've posted on this topic on my blog a few times recently, but am far from feeling threatened by the tv show.