Friday, January 19, 2007

Pictures from our First Spanish Service

Here are some pictures from our first Spanish worship service at the Rose Bud Church of Christ.

This first one is a group shot of everyone who was present.

After worship was over, Carlos Hernandez, our Spanish preacher, and Isaiah, another student at the Alpha and Omega Bible Institute, did a Bible study with a man who's been visiting with us. We're very hopeful that he will be converted, and through him, many others. It was a positive experience, but what matters most is that we persevere.


  1. I wish you the best in this new ministry effort. Rose Bud is a good place and I am glad to see outreach to this population. God bless

  2. That is so awesome! Thanks for posting those pics, brings back some good memories!

  3. Will you check that out! I use to preach there...1987-88. Two of my children were baptized in that baptistry! Say Hi to Carl and Norlene for me! Chris too...if he is still going...many good memories....thanks!