Friday, January 12, 2007

Food In Mexico #1 - Las Pampas

So you've never eaten at a Brazilian Steak House? I can quite honestly say it doesn't get much better than this. There is a restaurant in Durango, Mexico called Las Pampas. Here's what you do:
First, you go to the salad bar and get a plate full of side items, like those in the picture.
Next, these guys come around with swords and offer you different kinds of meat that they carry on these swords. It's all fantastic. There are 18 different kinds of meat that they serve total. It includes beef, pork, chicken, and veal cooked in several varieties. The first time I ate here, I managed to sample 16 kinds of meat. It's all you can eat buffet. Amazing.
They finish it off by serving grilled pineapple that is thickly coated with cinnamon. It is out of this world. This is my personal favorite restaurant of the many excellent places there are to eat in Durango.
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  1. We had one of those restaurants in VA. It was one of our favorites. They had 8 meats during lunch and 16 meats for dinner. Seriously, how can there be 16 different meats so deliciously cooked. I drool with the thought. The only draw back was there was no desert. That pinapple deal sounds very nice.

  2. We actually went to a Brazilian steakhouse for Jonathan's 25th this year and it sounds the exact same. I think we all kept telling the server to come back with some type of meat or that dessert...we couldn't get enough of it. Plus we all thought it was cool to have the guy cut slices of food off of his huge skewer. None of us had been before but now they have more than a dozen different Brazilian steakhouses in the Raleigh-Durham area.