Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Library Card

One of my New Year resolutions is to start reading more.  Specifically, I am trying to broaden my knowledge in several areas that I see as possible options for future specialization.

Our church building shares its parking lot with the public library, and it seemed like a great idea for me to start going over and checking out books on a regular basis to keep feeding my interests.

I live in another county (less than 1 mile over the line), and apparently to get a free card, I need to live in Davidson County.  I have been really excited to get my new library card, but learned this morning that if I want one, I'll have to pay up.  So presently, I'm pondering my options.

I got tickled at 2 aspects of this e-mail they sent me:

  1. The title of the e-mail as compared to the content. A bit of a let down.
  2. The grammar in line 2.  I would have expected a little better from a librarian. :-)


  1. 50 bucks for a library card is nuts! can you get a library card for the church staff?

  2. I'm going to go talk to them about it. It seems steep to me, too.