Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mothers of Monsters

It is easy to look at deranged behavior, such as that of the killer in the recent Arizona shootings, and label the person as a monster. And no doubt, what he's done is a monstrosity. As far as how everything pans out with bad intentions or mental illnesses, I'm not going to attempt to sort all that out. It's in God's hands.

But I was thinking about how we as Christians should respond to the situation. It's easy to pray for our "enemy", if by "enemy", we mean someone who annoys us. It's completely different to think about praying compassionately for someone who murdered our child. It's a good thing that God was good enough to love those who murdered his son, because otherwise we would have no hope.

I found an interesting article, talking about how Jared Loughner's parents have been reacting to the situation. Namely, with incredible grief and regret. Hindsight is always 20/20. I don't have any idea what the situation was like growing up in their household, but no doubt they probably feel love for their son, they feel humiliation over what he's done, and they feel great guilt for not being able to have seen this coming and prevented it.

Here is the article.

What I found especially interesting is how other parents of killers are reaching out to them. Even "monsters" have mothers.

I think this situation provides us with a reminder of our responsibility to seek and save the lost. Anyone can respond with hate for a killer, but I wonder how many will respond with loving concern for his soul. I don't diminish the suffering of those who've been injured and murdered. They certainly need our prayers, sympathy, and support. But in all of this, we should be praying for God's presence. To comfort the afflicted, and to reach out to the lost. And often, God seems to prefer being present through imperfect vessels like us.

I will be prayerful that Christians can be around to help the families, but also to help the family of the killer, as well as the man himself.

If there is anyone left who reads this blog, I'm curious what you think about this situation. Hearing from the mothers of people like this offers a pretty different perspective. Christ's law of love should be in effect in this situation, as in every situation. What does this look like here?


  1. Interesting that last Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy dealt with this subject matter (a killing spree and a mother who is offered little compassion).

  2. Interesting take and something I had not really thought of. Thanks for the thoughts.

  3. Agree with Andy. Something I hadn't thought of, and I think you're right. Good blog

  4. I thought I knew how much my parents loved me but I did not fully understand until I carried and gave birth to my own. You can't understand until you hold that miracle in your arms. The dreams that you have for them and the love. Jared's parents had those same dreams and that same love for him. I can't imagine finding out that my child did this and he's their only child. They won't get to have grandchildren and they could very easily watch their child be put to death. No matter what your child does however minor or massive as this or Virgina Tech or Columbine. These "monsters" are still children of someone but more important they are still children of GOD just as we are. Sin is sin little white lie or murder. Is there a difference in the eyes of GOD? Is there a degree of sin? It's going to be hard on all.

  5. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing.