Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Orwell or Huxley's Vision?

I found this cartoon that compares and contrasts Orwell and Huxley's views of the future, then suggests who was correct. Regardless of which direction we have taken, or which direction we'll continue to take, I believe sincerely practiced Christianity is the solution to the world's problems.


  1. Nice little reminder!

    While most are looking for "the next big threat from without," we are often rotting ourselves from within. That's one of the major factors in the fall of nearly every major empire in history.

  2. That's a little bit creepy. Wall-e has a very Huxlian take on the future.

    I would say that true dystopia is one of apathy - where our great passions are reduced to minor feelings. We neither love nor hate, we merely change the channel.

  3. Very interesting.

    James, in addition I think that it is possible great passions are reduced to minor actions. For example: making a stand for something, or criticizing something is made easy by writing a blog or posting it as your facebook status.

    Undoubtedly there was more support given to presidential candidates on facebook statuses than votes cast.

    Surely I am guilty of writing a blog about a topic and feeling like I have accomplished something.

    On to the next blog.

  4. What's interesting is that in some ways both views are right. The public is constantly lied to, and many orwell type controls were started over the past 10 years in our country, but that news gets so drowned out people don't hear it, or are too involved in their current business to care.

    So we have a nice combination of control with an apathetic/ignorant general public. Works out well for those in control.