Monday, January 26, 2009

Dan's Double Daffy...whatever that is

So my buddies, Nathan, Dan, and I decided that in light of this coming week's ski trip that I'm taking the teens from church on, we should take a one-day "dude trip" to Paoli Peaks again to get warmed up. And yes, Nathan did more work as a camera man, and got some good videos of Dan, which I compiled below. I promptly hurt my knee on the 4th time down the slope, and the medic guys told me that I would have to stop for the day. So I was bummed out not to be able to keep going, but by taking it easy, I'm optimistic that my knee will be feeling good and ready to go again this weekend.

Dan is a great skier, which would make sense, since he is also a great Canadian. Please stay tuned for the "Nathan noises" at the end of the video. It's impressive that he was able to ski down this difficult slope while holding a camera, but the grunts and oomphs he blurts out are priceless!

Next week we'll be there again with the teens, and I suspect if there's any way possible, I'll try and make a 4th trip some time in February. Skiing is my new hobby. If you haven't tried it, it's fannntastic.

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