Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Nacho Cat: Yummy Shower Water

Every morning, if she is not yet outside, Nacho hangs around our bathroom when we take showers. I have to wrestle with her as I get out, because as I'm coming out she wants in.

Nacho does not like to drink the water that we put in her water dish. The only water that she wants to drink is the water left over on the floor of the shower when we're done showering. It must be the smell of the soap or the shampoo or something, but she will drink as much of it as she can possibly get away with. (She's been known to do that in the toilet a time or two, but we generally keep the lid down to prevent it.)

Since I fight her and won't let her in the shower, after I walk away, she goes and licks all the water she can from around the crack of the shower door. Yes, it's gross, but I can't get her to stop doing it.


  1. Lily will only drink water from the sink in the bathroom. Nice to know our cat's not the only weird one around!

  2. Hey man, my cat used to do that too. The vet told us it had something to do with the minerals in the soap, etc. So... don't be too grossed out. These are the same animals that lick their own butts...

  3. Max has Nacho beat: he likes to play in water! He will play in his water dish, LIFT the toilet lid, and even get in the shower while it's running! While he's mainly stopped doing those last two, (mostly due to our increased security measures) he still plays with water when he can!

  4. had said that Max loves water. Lifting the toilet lid is especially impressive.

    Fortunately, Nacho generally dislikes water; especially from spray bottles. We use water as a way of punishing her. I don't even have to hit her with it...just the sound of the water bottle spraying makes her run for her life. If she liked water, I doubt we could have ever trained her not to do anything!