Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ever since I was little, my parents have spoken about Whataburger as a place they used to love to eat. Some of my college buddies used to rave about them also. Currently, there are none in Nashville, or in all of Tennessee as far as I know. When I was on my way to Auburn I saw that one was opening in Alabama, so I stopped by to check it out. I think my years of wanting to try it got my hopes up a little too much. The food was decent. Not really any better or worse than any other fast food I've tried.

Four cool things stuck out:
1. Really good service
2. Bright colors
3. Ketchup that comes in containers that you normally get barbecue sauce in, so all you have to do is open it up and start dipping.
4. Free wifi access. But as I have internet capabilities on my phone, this didn't really matter that much to me.

Anyone reading this some kind of Whataburger fanatic?


  1. I have had many a Whataburger and must say, while it is fast food, it's the best burger you'll get; Sonic running a close second. I think it was the mustard.

  2. I must have made a grave mistake, because since I was going to do a wedding, I had them leave off the mustard (teeth color) and the onions (breath). I probably missed a central part of the experience.

  3. What A Burger - B+ in my opinion. The onions do make it better.

    Out in California they have "In and Out" burgers which, frankly is about right.

    5 Guys is very, very good. A lot of folks in the Nashville area really like Fat Mo's - I've met Mo himself and his wife - nice folks. Good burgers.

    Hard to beat a Milo's burger - their tea has become pretty famous but the burgers, wow! Best sauce in the world...and by the way I've never been in one where the health rating was below 97! Typically 99! At a burger joint....

    I said hard to beat - what beats it is a little hole in the wall place on Governors in Huntsville, AL. Big Spring #2! I'd hurt someone for one of those!!!!!

    Let the burger wars begin! :)

  4. Ah yes, fat Mo's. That was one of the perks of moving back to Nashville.

    Mo's are about the best burgers you can get for the cost.

    I always found it very entertaining to know that Mo is short for "Mohammed."

    I have known some Kurdish friends who worked at the Fat Mo's near my house. I frequent that place.

    I have never gotten up the nerve to try the largest 27 oz Mo burger. Never been to Milo's or to In and Out. Would like to try them though!

  5. I didn't know we were including non-fast food places. Best burger, outside of my own, would have to be at this Greek restaurant here in Rochester, Minnesota. Nothing fancy and not many people know about it. Best in town, no question.

  6. My Grandparents were Whataburger fans. They have had them in TX for a long while. I always thought they were decent too...but the grandparents just had to have them. But I did like the ketchup, and they used to give fries in boxes that actually stood up on a table tap, which I liked. But I'm glad you at least stopped to try one. I really like the DQ burgers in TX....I really believe the are different. They even call them different things in TX. So I will always have a longing for a Hungerbuster with cheese.
    Heather Holland

  7. There are several people I know from Texas that call it WATERburger. I agree, the burgers are nothing too special, but they have good chocolate shakes and chicken tenders if you go back to one.

  8. Ok, I am going to weigh in: The best burgers IN THE WORLD are at Huey's in Memphis. The place is awesome! Live music, great food, decent prices... And, for sides, the onions rings might just be the best in the world. Check 'em out:

  9. Yes, I think "waterburger" is the standard pronunciation. I liked it, but it was not overwhelmingly the best burger I'd ever had.

    Next time I'm in Memphis, I will have to try Huey's. I've met very few burgers that I didn't like.