Friday, April 04, 2008

Airplane on Google Maps

I was looking up my friend's house on Google Maps, and it just so happens that the instant the satellite was taking the picture, there was an airplane flying over it!

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If you have not tried out the Street View stuff in Google maps, it is INCREDIBLE. Most of Nashville you can look at from a ground-level perspective. Click here, then choose to see the Street view, and you can look all around my church building!


  1. That's cool. When I got out of landscaping my dad kept a few of my yards. A customer's son looked their house up and there was a guy walking across the back yard. It kind of freaked them out until they realized it was my dad and the weedeater.

  2. That's really funny! I've kept hoping that one day I'd find a picture of at least my car or something on Google Maps. It's neat that you can see your dad from outer space. :-)

  3. There's also a plane taking off at the Little Rock AFB in Jacksonville...I just noticed that one last week myself.