Saturday, July 14, 2007

Funny Camp Story

We just got back from church camp. There's quite a bit I could say about the experience, and I intend to start blogging some more about it now that my life will be a good deal less stressful. For now, I want to share one story.

I stayed as a counselor with the 9th-10th grade boys. Carolina stayed with another counselor in the oldest girls' cabin. One of the 5th grade girls at camp who is a visitor to our congregation was talking to the other girls in her cabin and said, "I'm mad at Mr. Mark". Portia (one of our own) asked "Why?" The girl replied, "Because I saw him holding hands with Carolina!" Portia said, "Why is that a problem?"

"Because she's a camper!"

So the big joke for most of the week was that I was holding hands with the girl campers.


  1. Heather Holland7/17/2007 1:17 PM

    What a compliment for Carolina....she's just more youthful than most of us our age!

    Glad you had fun. Where does your church go for church camp?

  2. We go to Fall Creek Falls State Park in East TN...ever been there? It's beautiful!