Monday, October 30, 2006

One For My Wife...

It's a lot of fun being married to a person from another country. Here's a story that has a lot of truth in it:

Once there was a mouse hole with three mice inside. One day they decided to go for a walk, but suddenly they heard a cat meowing. The mice were afraid and did not go for a walk. One of the mice listened carefully to see if the cat was still there or had left. After a long while they didn't hear any more "meows" of the cat, instead they heard a dog barking. So they all left the mouse hole. When they left, how surprised they were to see the cat there again waiting for them. The mice were not able to return to their hiding place and the cat ate them all. And the cat was very happy that he had tricked them. The cat exclaimed loudly: "How great it is to be bilingual."

Not to mention that having a bilingual wife like mine will get you preferential treatment at Mexican restaurants.

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